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*** Update July 2010 **** 

Michael Jolley now also fully CLEARED to resume all coaching duties by the English FA, and by relevant UK Safeguarding Authorities. 



Statement Issued by Michael Jolley, 16th May 2010:

For 9 months, I have remained silent on this matter. Recent events have dictated that I address these events in the public domain.

In August 2009, I was employed by Stirling University as a football coach. My duties also required me to carry out some work for Falkirk Football Club. Over the previous 15 years, I had made many significant sacrifices to pursue my ambition of a career in professional football coaching.

On the evening of Saturday 8th August 2009 I attended a nightclub in central Stirling. I left the nightclub and returned to my home with a male friend and three girls whom we had met in the early hours of Sunday morning. The girls all described themselves as 19 years of age, and explained how they were studying at a local college. Back at my flat I had sexual intercourse with one of the girls, during which time, my male friend left the property. At around 4am the girls asked for me to call them a taxi to take them home. When leaving my property, the girls asked me for money, which I was unable to provide as I had used all of the cash I had that evening in the nightclub, and on the taxi home from the nightclub.

Some minutes later, the girls returned to my flat and made a second request for money, which latterly became a demand for money. I repeated the fact I was unable to help them, but suggested they walk the short distance to a cash machine in the town. Some 10 minutes later the girls returned to my property for a third time, and on my opening the front door, I was assaulted and struck in the face with a broken wine bottle, causing me to fall to the ground. During the assault the girls were shouting abuse and saying that “I should have given them some ***** money”.

A neighbour had been alerted by the girls shouting and I asked her to call the police. In reporting the circumstances surrounding the assault the police, I described the evenings events, including the fact that I had sex with one of the girls.  At approximately 4pm on Sunday 9th August I was informed by police officers that the girl in question had not disclosed her true age to me, and was in fact some months short of her 16th birthday.

Within 24 hours I had resigned from my job. Over the next several months, I faced up to the full legal process, facing up to the sheer devastation that these events have caused to me, my family, my career, and my reputation.

On November 18th 2009, I was sentenced to 1 year of probation, which carries with it 1 years notification to the sex offenders register. On November 18th 2010, the 1 year probation was completed and my name was removed from the offenders register.

On March 1st 2010, the Scottish Government issued the following letter:

Panel members noted the circumstances surrounding the offence. They acknowledged that Mr Jolley’s account of events was corroborated by Central Scotland Police. The panel took account of Mr Jolley’s explanation that he believed the girl to be 19 years old, and that he would not have had sexual intercourse with her if he had known she was 15 years old. The panel considers Mr Jolley’s belief to be credible given that he met the girl outside a nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning, she had been drinking, and she told him that she was a 19-year-old college student. Panel members thought it important to note that Mr Jolley had no history of behaving inappropriately towards young women.

The Panel acknowledged that it was only during a police investigation into an assault against Mr Jolley that the girl’s true age came to light. The panel took account of the numerous positive character references from Mr Jolley’s previous employers and friends, which described him as an honest and responsible member of the community. Panel members acknowledged that Mr Jolley had acted in an open and honest way throughout the investigation, court proceedings, and referral process. Panel members took the view that Mr Jolley had demonstrated a strong moral understanding by tendering a guilty plea to the offence, despite mitigating circumstances.

Having considered all of the factors in this referral, the panel took the view that Michael Jolley did not pose a risk to children. Panel member agreed that they did not believe that Mr Jolley would have had sexual intercourse with the girl if he had known she was 15 years old. They considered that this was corroborated by his actions, which demonstrated an honest and responsible character; numerous positive character references; lack of any previous inappropriate behaviour; the finding of the Social Enquiry Report that Mr Jolley posed a low risk of re-offending; and the lenience shown by the court when passing sentence. Panel members concluded that it would be disproportionate to disqualify Mr Jolley from working with young people and unanimously agreed that Mr Jolley was not unsuitable to work with children”.

It was, and remains, my life long ambition to work as a professional football coach. I firmly believe that I can make a positive and significant contribution in that field of work. I sincerely hope that I will be given the opportunity to resume my coaching career in the future.

Michael Jolley

16th May 2010


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